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Touched by romance
Lao She's Two Horses, paragraph 5, states "You always say that I focus too much on the facts, that I should learn to be romantic, is that right?"

Is art romantic?
In the coming February’s Chinese New Year and Western Valentine’s Day, Touch Ceramics proudly presents the "Romantic Works" collection. In addition to Sara Tse’s angels and Spode’s Blue Willow collection from the 19th-century England, 18 Hong Kong contemporary ceramic artists will also interpret love through their pieces by the theme "One Pair".

Date: 01.02-17.03.2019
Time: 11am-7pm



Sorry, this entry is only available in Chinese.

Enrollment: goo.gl/dFMswL

Enquiry: hello@touchceramics.com
Tel: 2562 9000


Porcelain Painting class

People who like painting and porcelain would always like to combine these two beautiful arts, and they will easily fall in love with the elegant and graceful porcelain painting. In the porcelain painting workshop, students can learn about the traditional decorating style in this kind of art. By referring to the European flower painting, students will be taught about the different kinds of brushstrokes of these flower paintings, and eventually have your own piece made.

Date: Every Fri
Time: 3pm-5:30pm / 7pm-9:30pm (2.5 hours)
Skill level: All levels
Age: 16 or above
Language: Cantonese & English
No. of participants: Max. 8
Price: $1,880 + $150 (4 classes + 1 set material cost)

Enrollment: https://goo.gl/forms/929siXuX9Q0zG4qp1

Enquiry: hello@touchceramics.com
Tel: 2562 9000