Tai Kwun 101

“Tai Kwun 101” Soap-making Workshop

Lifestyle Enjoyment Programme

Tai Kwun 101 Guided Tours

Lifestyle Enjoyment Programme
Duplex Studio at Block 01 & Site-wide Map
Free of charge
“Tai Kwun Play” – Tai Kwun 101


Reward Redemption Location
Tai Kwun Store (Shop 03-G06)

Reward Redemption Period
25 May–29 Sep

Get started with “Tai Kwun Play” and enjoy even more fun and rewards at “Tai Kwun 101”!

Exclusively available on the Tai Kwun App, this brand-new feature will send you on a hunt for QR codes around “Tai Kwun 101”. As a reward for exploring the exhibition’s 101 objects, you will receive a “Tai Kwun 101” digital badge and a Tai Kwun Anniversary Coaster (valued at HK$48) upon completing the tasks set forth in the game.

Tai Kwun Store: Tai Kwun Anniversary Coaster

How to play:

1. Download the Tai Kwun App

2. Scan 3 QR codes at designated locations (1 of each in 3 groups)


3. Once you have completed this mission, you will receive a “Tai Kwun 101” digital badge on the App

4. Present the digital badge at the Tai Kwun Store to redeem a Tai Kwun Anniversary Coaster (valued at HK$48)

Location Map