Theatre Season - Knock Knock

Time |
3pm & 8pm
Location |
F Hall Studio, Block 17
Price |
$ 220

Niv Petel (Israel)

"How would you raise your child, if you knew that one day their turn will come to hold a rifle?" In one of the most acclaimed shows in Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Israeli actor Niv Patel's Knock Knock  weaves a poignant and heartfelt tale about the effects of conscription on everyday life for a single mother and her only son. Told with innovation and imagination through minimal set and props, the physical mono-drama evokes sympathy through laughter juxtaposed with deep emotional subtext. Niv Patel delivers a controlled yet moving performance, making both roles come to life through nuances of emotions and telling an intimate story about parenthood, friendship, love and sacrifice.

Available at Tai Kwun Website / App / Urbtix on 25 May