Exhibition & Event

Lunchtime Series

Time |
(Mon & Wed) 12:45pm
Location |
Laundry Steps / Parade Ground
Price |
Free of charge

Located in the heart of Central, Tai Kwun is perfectly located to offer a brief reprieve from the chaos of the workplace. Come and enjoy " Lunchtime Series"—an exciting line-up of stand-up comedy, street performances, mini-concerts every Monday and Wednesday. Head outdoors, eat lunch, relax and unload your worries while enjoying a hearty laugh or live music—it is all in a day's work of enjoying art in Tai Kwun.

Date Performing Group Music / Performance Genre Location
01.08.2018 (Wed) Johnee Lau Faster Piece -  You name it, I draw it. Prison Yard
01.08.2018 (Wed) Vivek Mahbubani and friends Hall of Laughs stand up comedy Laundry Steps
06.08.2018 (Mon) Teriver Cheung x Fish Huang x Jezrael Lucero Jazz Laundry Steps
08.08.2018 (Wed) Hong Kong Ocarina Cultural Association An Ocarina and Pan Flute concert for ACG and Pop Music Laundry Steps
08.08.2018 (Wed) Johnee Lau Faster Piece -  You name it, I draw it. Prison Yard
13.08.2018 (Mon) Tjoe Duo Jazz Laundry Steps
15.08.2018 (Wed) Hong Kong Ocarina Cultural Association An Ocarina and Pan Flute concert in Popular Chinese Style Laundry Steps
15.08.2018 (Wed) Johnee Lau Faster Piece -  You name it, I draw it. Prison Yard
20.08.2018 (Mon) Suzanne Jen x Jezrael Lucero x Fish Huang Jazz Laundry Steps
22.08.2018 (Wed) Hong Kong Ocarina Cultural Association Ocarina Music Theatre Laundry Steps
22.08.2018 (Wed) Johnee Lau Faster Piece -  You name it, I draw it. Prison Yard
27.08.2018 (Mon) Suzanne Jen Trio  Jazz Laundry Steps
29.08.2018 (Wed) Johnee Lau Faster Piece -  You name it, I draw it. Prison Yard


01.08.18 Performing group biography

Hall of Laughs

Hall of Laughs is a platform in Hong Kong to promote and develop the culture of stand up comedy and improvisational comedy. Come join us for a few laughs together!

Vivek Mahbubani

Vivek Mahbubani is a Hong Kong-bred bilingual stand-up comedian who performs in both Cantonese and English. He has had the opportunity to take his sense of humour all over the world including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India Sri Lanka, Philippines and even the USA.

Matina Leung

Matina is a full-time mom. Since 2009, she has been performing stand up comedy in both English and Cantonese. Having come third in '10 and second in '09 and '11 at the  Hong Kong International Comedy Competition (Cantonese category), she now spends most of her time juggling between entertaining audiences at a comedy show and entertaining her two daughters at home.


01/08/15/22/29.08.18 Performing group biography

Faster Piece — You name it, I draw it.

You may give me any topics such as your name, horoscope or any words in your mind, I will draw a piece of illustration within minutes based on the topic provided.

Johnee Lau


06.08.18 Performing group biography

Teriver Cheung

Born in Hong Kong, Teriver Cheung is an international touring guitarist currently based between New York and Hong Kong. He studied with Fred Hamilton at the University of North Texas with a scholarship and received Bachelors of Jazz Studies in 2004. He formed his first group Nobody’s Business in 2007 and recorded the début album Forward Momentum, followed by international tours in Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico and the USA.

In 2009, Cheung relocated to New York and has since played an active role in the jazz scene. Musicians he has collaborated include Latin Grammy Award winner Eddie Gómez, Billy Drummond, Jeremy Monteiro and Jean-Michel Pilc. He also tours constantly with his group, appearing at some of the largest music festivals including Jazz World Festival (Hong Kong), Jazz W Ruinach Festival (Poland) and Taichung Jazz Festival. In 2015, he collaborated with composer Fung Lam in Hong Kong Episodes at the World Cultures Festival.

Cheung had participated on several recordings, including the Takako Yamada group, John Thomas group and Nuf Said. His début album in 2012, My Nocturne, received acclaims from the renowned magazine JazzTimes; his jazz trio The Beat Brothers also released its debut album Artcore in 2015. He started his own record label Drip Music in 2016.

Cheung is an endorsed artist for the D’Angelico Guitars and Fender In Ear-Monitor.

06/20/27.08.18 Performing group biography

Jezrael Lucero

Perfect pitch is just one of the many remarkable things about Jezrael Lucero. According to his dad – who passed away a few years back – the musician was singing Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night at the age of 13 months; he was playing classical concertos on the piano at two; and he’s been gigging at hotels and appearing on TV shows since he was four. As well as being a tremendously gifted jazz pianist, whose fingers can prance like praying mantises or scramble like frenzied locusts on a keyboard, he’s a singer, arranger, drummer, bass-player, and guitarist; One more thing – he has been utterly blind since his premature birth on May 1, 1985. 

Growing up is another thing Lucero has done exceedingly well. He plays more like a 45 year old person, maturity wise,” says friend and mentor Skip Moy, a respected sound engineer and musician. “He also carries a certain charisma when he gets on a bandstand. I’ve worked with some fairly heavy duty artists, globally, and those guys have that charisma you can carry. Stevie Wonder has it, Ray Charles has it… This kid has it.”


06/27.08.18 Performing group biography

Huang Tzu Yu (Fish)

Huang is a Hong Kong based drummer and an active music artist who can be easily found in major music festivals and concerts in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Besides recording albums for himself and for others, Huang has started to emerge as a jazz musician and made himself relevant in jazz for recent years. Huang was also dubbed as the Best Drummer of Yamaha Asian Beat Grand Final, and started his career in the entertainment industry with contract signed with B’in Music in 2012. Currently Haung is a musical instrument endorser for Canopus Drums & Meinl Cymbals.


13.08.18 Performing group biography

Tjoe Trio

Tjoe (pronounce as T-Joe) is a top musician from Hong Kong currently based in London since 2015 and graduated from Musicians Institue in 2009. This Musicians Institute alumnus is a favoured sideman in the Pop scene, a talented Jazz & Blues guitarist, a proficient arranger and composer. Tjoe is recognised by his creative approach, powerful soloing, the ability to improvise and sense of humour.

After a year building up his network and reputation in London, 2016 has been a fruitful year to Tjoe. He has officially become the artist of guitar brand Melancon and worked with Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai), Francis Hylton (Incognito), John Wilding (X factor 2011). Besides, a year and a half after the successful launch of his debut EP and Asian tours, Tjoe released his second EP FLOW LONDON as a trace of his year-long music journey in London. The EP consists of five instrumental songs composed and produced by himself. All songs are played by outstanding musicians from around the world whom Tjoe has met in this melting pot of music talent.


20/27.08.18 Performing group biography

Suzanne Jen

A vocalist, actor, event host, voice-over artist, interpreter and yoga teacher, Suzanne’s favorite way to interact with the world, connect with her audience and deliver beautiful stories is through singing.

Suzanne has performed extensively as a vocalist in Taiwan in numerous Jazz venues and festivals.   
Her training in literature, languages and acting along with her bubbly yet sensitive nature allows her to explore wide-ranging styles from chansons, Latin, Django’s swing to Big Band.

A versatile artist, Suzanne has performed in varying genres: from Musical theatre and stage shows to intimate jazz concerts. She also regularly hosts events, switching freely between Mandarin, English (American and British) and French.


8/15/22.08.18 Performing group biography

Hong Kong Ocarina Cultural Association

Founded in 2001. It’s mission is aiming at facilitating ocarina education, art activities and music research.  look forward to collaborating with ocarina musicians and music groups. We hope that by doing so, the ocarina will become more popular in Hong Kong and it will broaden young people’s horizons and art standard.
Founder: Ivan Hui Siu-wing, Irene Choi Mei-wah