Exhibition & Event

100 Faces of Tai Kwun

Duplex Studio, Block 01 | 29 May - 23 Sep, 2018

One of our Opening Exhibitions, “100 Faces of Tai Kwun” brings us right into the heart of our community – the Central neighbourhood. This large-scale exhibition, which takes place at the Duplex Studio of Block 01, introduces our visitors to Tai Kwun and its neighbourhood through the eyes of our neighbours and friends.

Contemporary Art
"UNIEQAV" by Alva Noto

Parade Ground | 24 Oct 2018

Described by Carsten Nicolai as “sonically representing an underwater dive”, the gleaming "UNIEQAV" delivers an experience of inherent artistic, conceptual and scientific depth.

Contemporary Art
Dismantling the Scaffold

Tai Kwun Contemporary, JC Contemporary | 9 Jun - 19 Aug, 2018

Presented by Spring Workshop and curated by the Hong Kong curator Christina Li at Tai Kwun Contemporary, this group show is inspired by the history of the site (the Central Police Station compound) to explore the potential of art in illuminating the dark recesses of history and society and to unpack our individual relationship with power and space at large. The show equally looks at collaborations and fresh beginnings.

Performing Arts

JC Cube | 27 - 30 Sep, 2018

The 6th part of the Diary series that first launched in 1986, DIARY VI. APPLAUSE… charts the latest chapter of the iconic dancer and choreographer Mui Cheuk Yin’s long dance journey of 30 years, exploring the changes in Hong Kong alongside her own experiences and encounters. A dance of rare and elegiac beauty, DIARY VI. APPLAUSE… first premiered in 2009 to critical acclaim and features rare footage made with the late Pina Bausch.

Performing Arts
Dance Season: DISCO-TECA

F Hall Studio, Block 17 | 19 - 21 Oct, 2018

Directed by one of the brightest stars of contemporary dance in China, Er Gao, Disco-Teca reflects upon Mainland’s disco culture and examines how the trippy, free-form, colourful movements contributed to the construction of the self and changed the country’s social and gender landscape. Expect a surprising mix of retro flavours and refined body expressions that are as fun to look at as they are provoking.

Performing Arts
Dance Season: DOLLHOUSE

JC Cube | 12 - 14 Oct, 2018

Sharing the stage with sound artist Gordon Monahan and his unique score, dance master and choreographer Bill Coleman portrays a figure whose whole world is literally falling apart all around him. Delivering disrupting yet riveting rhythms for the ears and eyes through tap dancing, performance art, sound installation, slapstick, and interactive physical action, Dollhouse is an audiovisual feast that is sure to capture the imagination with its sheer intensity and innovation.

Performing Arts
Dance Season: KIDS

JC Cube | 26 - 28 Oct, 2018

Kids, an autobiographic work by the Taiwanese choreographer and dancer Liu Kuan Hsiang, was inspired by the poignant reflections of life over the many conversations recorded towards the end of his late mother’s life. The work celebrates the exuberance of life in the face of death through a string of calm ritualistic movements that are imbued with twisted, frantic physical extremes— extremes which are as deliriously wild as they are serene or even joyful.

Performing Arts

F Hall Studio at Block 17 and Prison Yard | 4 - 7 Oct, 2018

Rendered by three enigmatic dancers—Joseph Lee, Rebecca Wong, and KT Yau—the dance triptych is a non-linear portrayal of Hong Kong which explores various social, cultural and gender norms in the present and in history. By turns humorous, poignant, and rebellious, the pieces may very well differ in style but all offer a compelling, collective reflection on their common subject.

Performing Arts

Laundry Steps | 15 - 22 Sep, 2018

With the crisis of representation and a rejection of the dominant choreographic norms in the 1990s, a renewed interest in working with “amateur” untrained dancers emerged, where the socially invisible—older people, children, the disabled—were brought onto the dance stage, together with a subversive dance form that is now less rigid, less formatted, and less

Performing Arts
Dreamlike Horses

Parade Ground | 29 May - 3 Jun, 2018

Dreamlike Horses, horses carved with large inflatable materials, are put in motion by bold puppeteers in legendary costumes. They are accompanied by a little man, “the Ringmaster”. Together, they play, perform and dance on an original music.

Performing Arts
Herbert’s Dream

Parade Ground | 26 Oct - 3 Nov, 2018

French theatre company Compagnie des Quidams returns to Tai Kwun to perform the mesmerising Herbert’s Dream. A magical world of mysterious stilted futures, silent language and articulated gestures, its unique other-worldly parade has been enchanting audience worldwide.

Performing Arts
Theatre Season - Knock Knock

F Hall Studio, Block 17 | 19 - 22 Jul, 2018

As one of the most touted shows in Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Israeli actor Niv Patel's Knock Knock  weaves a poignant and heartfelt tale about the effects of conscription on everyday life for a single mother and her only son.

Performing Arts
Theatre Season - Titus Andronicus 2.0

JC Cube | 27 - 29 Jul, 2018

The award-winning production of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus comes to Tai Kwun, performed in Cantonese and directed by famous local theatre director Tang Shu-wing.

Performing Arts
Theatre Season - Nocturnes

JC Cube | 6 - 8 Jul, 2018

As one of UK's most original and innovative performance theatre companies, imitating the dog is peerless in innovative integration of the digital media and live performance.

Performing Arts
Theatre Season - Remote Hong Kong (Cantonese)

At different areas of the city | 12 Jul - 12 Aug, 2018

Amid this familiar city burgeoning with people and cacophony of urban noises, how do we interpret our relationships with the surrounding environment? Insight will await you thanks to the Germany-based collective Rimini Protokoll.

Performing Arts
Theatre Season - Remote Hong Kong (English)

At different areas of the city | 15 Jul - 11 Aug, 2018

Amid this familiar city burgeoning with people and cacophony of urban noises, how do we interpret our relationships with the surrounding environment? Insight will await you thanks to the Germany-based collective Rimini Protokoll.

Performing Arts
This Victoria Has No Secrets

JC Cube | 29 May - 3 Jun, 2018

Yat Po Singers, Hong Kong's first and leading a capella choral theatre, presents This Victoria Has No Secrets, a musical journey of nostalgia and hope inspired by Victoria Harbour.

Opening Light Show: The History of Our Future

Parade Ground | 29 May - 24 Jun, 2018

The 170-year history of the Central Police Station compound comes to life on the façade of the Barrack Block. The light show will immerse audience in a lyrical bridge through past, present and future.

Over the Moon at Tai Kwun

Parade Ground | 21 - 24 Sep, 2018

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Tai Kwun invites you to gather around the array of lanterns and enjoy an immersive experience under the moonlight! 300 Tai Kwun Mini Lanterns, all uniquely designed and decorated with handcrafted mosaic patterns, will be the highlight at the Parade Ground, along with the bespoke installations in front of each shop. You will be able to admire how the illuminated lanterns play off against the moonlight on this festival of joy and togetherness!

Tai Kwun Mini Lanterns Pop-up Store

Laundry Steps | 25 Sep 2018

Come by Tai Kwun and get a uniquely crafted Tai Kwun Mini Lantern! You can offer something special for your friends and family to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! Available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last. Don’t miss this chance!

TK16: The Barrack Block

(Barrack Stories) 1/F, Block 03 Barrack Block; (Stamp Locations) All levels of Block 03 Barrack Block | 10 Oct - 10 Dec, 2018

The TK16 series, which tells the stories of the 16 historic buildings located in the Central Police Station compound, begins with the Barrack Block, the site’s oldest police building. Step through the door adorned with a “TK 16” sign on 1/F to experience this heritage building from various perspectives. Walking along the old staircase, you can explore the spaces where policemen once relaxed after work.

Contemporary Art
Six-Part Practice

Tai Kwun Contemporary, JC Contemporary | 29 May - 19 Aug, 2018

In her first major exhibition, Wing Po So—who grew up near Tai Kwun—explores the links between sculpture, Chinese medicine, pharmacology, and science. The exhibition will feature six major immersive installations.

Performing Arts
Micro Shakespeare

Parade Ground | 8 - 18 Jun, 2018

Get set for a zany and fun theatrical journey with Spain's Laitrum Theatre that turns Shakespeare's classic plays upside down. The stage is relocated to the outdoors with the line between audience and performer blurring.

Performing Arts
Time will Tell, We will Sing Every Life Is A Song Concert

JC Cube | 11 Nov 2018

Every Life is A Song, a.k.a ELIAS, is a social enterprise launched by singer-songwriter Vicky Fung and lyricist Chow Yu Fai aimed at chronicling collective community history through song-making. In its first project developed in collaboration with Tai Kwun, ELIAS recruited 36 youngsters to create from scratch 10 songs about the lives of ten seniors. Their works will be displayed in Tai Kwun and performed in November.

“Salute to Kwan Kung” Film Screening — “Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone”

JC Cube | 9 Dec 2018

Intriguing and compelling, legendary tales of Kwan Kung enjoy everlasting popularity and presence in films. In “Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone” (2000), the deity is portrayed by award-winning actor Anthony Wong Chau Sang in a vivid manner, highlighting the contrast between traditional beliefs and modern life.

Contemporary Art
“Every Pandiculate” Daily

1/F, JC Contemporary | 14 Dec 2018

As participants in Tang Kwok Hin’s “Every Pandiculate”, Pamela Leung and Yang Yeung share their connection to “Every Pandiculate” in different expressions.

Contemporary Art
“Every Pandiculate” Dinner Invitation

JC Contemporary | 5 Oct - 9 Nov, 2018

Using friendship over a shared meal and unending conversation as his methodology, Tang Kwok Hin’s interest in relational aesthetics centres on shared space and shared food. Whether discussing the meanings of day-to-day moments or searching for new ways to express everyday experiences, Hin’s suppers constitute a never-ending investigation of our daily formulations.

Contemporary Art
“Sharing what I am still learning”: reading together at Tang Kwok Hin’s Every Pandiculate

JC Contemporary | 29 Sep - 2 Dec, 2018

As a participant in Tang Kwok Hin’s Every Pandiculate, Yang Yeung reads from a selection of short writings on topics such as ‘diversity of cultural expressions’, ‘solitude’, ‘socially-aspired’, ‘trust’, ‘infinity’ and other concepts related to Tang Kwok Hin’s artistic practice and share her thoughts with a reading group inspired to read during everyday pandiculations.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: ‘Remains of the Day’ Mona Hatoum In Focus

JC Cube | 4 Sep 2018

Mona Hatoum’s work draws upon themes interwoven in everyday life and the larger situation of our inherently unstable world. In this talk, Mona Hatoum is joined by leading figures from Tai Kwun and M+ to provide a visual narration of her work over the years.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: "Our Everyday—Our Borders" Artists’ Talk

F Hall Studio at Block 17 | 15 Sep 2018

‘Our Everyday—Our Borders’ is an exhibition developed through workshops and public engagement. This artists’ talk brings together its creators Tang Kwok Hin and Motoyuki Shitamichi along with curator Frank Vigneron and curator/writer Yeung Yang to explore this creative experience and the methodologies and possibilities of transforming social dialogues into art.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: "Prison Architect" Screening and conversation with Cao Fei, Kwan Pun Leung, Kwan Sheung Chi and Xue Tan

3/F, JC Contemporary | 8 Sep 2018

Tai Kwun Contemporary presents a screening of 'Prison Architect' created by artist Cao Fei for the exhibition 'A hollow in a world too small'. Filmed on the site of Tai Kwun, Prison Architect explores how prions should accommodate people from the point of view of a prisoner and an architect. The screening will be followed by a conversation between director Cao Fei, director of photography Kwan Pun Leung, lead actor Kwan Sheung Chi, and executive producer Xue Tan.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: “Gloss” by Rainbow Chan

Laundry Steps | 2 Nov 2018

Inspired by “shanzhai” culture, Rainbow Chan questions whether counterfeiting in all its representations can offer a unique perspective on creativity in contemporary China. ”Gloss“ presents an interdisciplinary interpretation of this Chinese phenomenon via a site-specific installation featuring music, videos, sculptures and performances.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: “Mood Indigo” Screening

Tai Kwun Contemporary | F Hall | 27 Jul 2018

Tai Kwun Contemporary presents a screening of “Mood Indigo” (2014) directed by Michel Gondry as selected by “Six-Part Practice” artist Wing Po So. Join us to see a world that brings together an exhibition of artwork constructed of Chinese medicine and the scenes of a poignant French film.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: “Project Cancer” Screening

F Hall Studio | 24 Aug 2018

Tai Kwun Contemporary presents a screening of “Project Cancer: Ulay’s Journal from November to November” (2013) directed by Damjan Kozole which follows the life of “Dismantling the Scaffold” artist Ulay for one year as he turns his cancer diagnosis in-to art.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Audiovisual experiments with Abyss X & City

Prison Yard | 28 Sep 2018

Tai Kwun Contemporary presents groundbreaking audiovisual experiments that combine the unique sonic perspective of DJs Abyss X and City, and the visual innovations of the artist Joey Holder. Expect new sounds to merge with images to form an unusual interpretation of this moment in history.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Cao Fei’s ‘Prison Architect’ Live OST with Naamyam & Electronics

Prison Yard | 21 Sep 2018

Tai Kwun Contemporary presents an outdoor performance of naamyam featuring The Gong Strikes One as led by Dickson Dee, the music composer for Cao Fei’s work ‘Prison Architect’. This performance will also feature Lee King Chi, Chan Chi Kong and Nero Lee.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: From Space to Space Listening Party

F Hall | 6 Jul 2018

To begin the Listening Party, Chinese science fiction writer Dung Kai-Cheung will be conducting a performative reading of his commissioned writing for Wing’s work to a live soundscape created by Oliver Cheung.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Hunni’d Jaws x HCKR DJ

Laundry Steps | 17 Aug 2018

Tai Kwun Contemporary presents audiovisual experiments with sounds from DJs Hunni'd Jaws [US/DE] and HKCR DJ [HK] with live video-mixing sets by Video Cypher [HK] and Shelf Index [HK]. Hunni'd Jaws is best known for an approach to mixing that shatters the club mold, perhaps due to an upbringing that exposed her to jazz, merengue, reggae, pop, and even new wave and punk.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: I Sing While Walking: Tsai Ming-liang’s Stories and Songs

Please refer to the programme webpage | 15 - 16 Nov, 2018

Outdoor projections of Tsai Ming-liang’s works include shorts No Form (2012) and Walker (2012) from his “Slow-Walking Series” and footage from Stray Dogs (2013). The outdoor rehearsal will occur in the Prison Yard, while Tsai will use the indoor performance to share stories about his life and perform his favourite songs.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: NANG Night · Screening of “The Blade” with Magazine Launch

JC Cube | 30 Nov 2018

In Tsui Hark's "The Blade," Ding-On embarks on an obsessive path to avenging the death of his father. Following the screening of this classic "wuxia" film in the 1990s will be a discussion between Davide Cazzaro and Eric Choi, editors of NANG, an English-language 10-issue magazine which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Not as Trivial as You Think

Laundry Steps | 22 Jun 2018

Art After Hours: Not as Trivial as You Think present a general knowledge quiz on contemporary art and social life in Hong Kong.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Queer Reads Picnic

Prison Yard | 19 Oct 2018

The informal gathering will open with an introduction by founder Beatrix Pang of Small Tune Press and artist-curator Kaitlin Chan, followed by a collective reading and discussion of the books and zines on view. Join us for an evening of snacks, drinks, and reading. Visitors are welcome to bring their own zines, books, food and drinks to share.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Screening of Cao Fei’s “Haze and Fog”

3/F, JC Contemporary | 14 Dec 2018

Portraying the banal daily lives of new urban residents that left behind traditional living arrangements for the comfort of the city, Cao Fei’s “Haze and Fog” is a new take on zombie movies set in modern China.

Contemporary Art
Art After Hours: Talk about “Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry”

JC Cube | 4 Nov 2018

Intentionally or not, domestic collecting often occupies our quotidian. Going against this pervasive culture of investment-driven collecting, Short Hair Studio proposes “Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry”. An eclectic assemblage of collections of newspapers, photographs and assorted mementos, Short Hair Studio traces a timeless memory punctuated by moments of recognition.

Contemporary Art

JC Cube | 31 Aug 2018

Don’t miss the FINAL-EVER public performance by the pioneering Seoul-based digital artist duo YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES. There will also be a discussion after the performance.

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: Compound Characters: A Screening of Shorts

Laundry Steps | 6 Nov 2018

In Nina Yuen’s “Heather Who Reduced”, teen girls from Yuen’s prep school all portray a single character named Heather Who. Christoph Giradet and Matthias Müller’s “Personne” is about somebody and no-body. Li Shuang’s “T” explores a man's experience working in custom-er service for a women’s socks retailer on Taobao, addressing the same need for self-reassertion covered in William Laboury’s “Hotaru”.

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: He Who Eats Children and The Jealous One

Laundry Steps | 30 Oct 2018

Part of the Karrabing Film Collective,

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: NANG Night: Screening of “Story of a Discharged Prisoner” with a lecture by Victor Fan

Laundry Steps | 27 Nov 2018

Featuring plenty of real scenery, dynamic camera movements and slick action editing, Patrick Lung Kong’s “Story of a Discharged Prisoner” proved a breath of fresh air for Cantonese audiences. Adding character Mark Lee, “A Better Tomorrow” reprised Kong’s storyline but turned the conflict between human relationships and the law into a romantic Hong Kong classic.

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: Screening of “Cosmetic Emergency” and “The Face of Another”

JC Cube | 11 Dec 2018

In Hiroshi Teshigahara’s “The Face of Another”, based of Kobo Abe’s novel, Okuyama undergoes facial reconstruction following an accident. Fashioning a mask for him, his psychiatrist warns it may change his personality. In “Cosmetic Emergency”, Martha Colburn mixes news stories, found footage and film sequences to deconstruct the notion of beauty.

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: Screening of “DROGA!” and “Recollection”

Laundry Steps | 4 Dec 2018

A quirky Super 8 home movie, “DROGA!” traces the material condi-tions of Los Angeles’ Filipino-American community. In “Recollection”, Aljafari uses Israeli and American feature films shot in the town of Jaf-fa from the 1960s to 1990s as raw material to his own take on the city.

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: Start From Scratch, Not Two Steps Back: An Evening with Simon Liu

Laundry Steps | 23 Oct 2018

“Start From Scratch” was a fanzine that covered the Hong Kong’s buoyant local skateboarding and punk music scenes of the late 90s and early 00s. Threading a line between the physical limitations of the human body and the expanse of collective memory, the moving-image works of this program bring back the comforting sensations of familiar streets and the exhilarating joy of repeated movements all compressed within the media timeline.

Contemporary Art
Art Film Hour: The Thought Leader and Seconds

F Hall Studio | 13 Nov 2018

The secret organisation “Seconds” gives a fresh new body to a middle-aged banker. Embracing his new identity, the jaded banker jettisons his old responsibilities. Liz Magic Laser’s “The Thought Leader” fea-tures a ten-year-old delivering a TED talk to a captivated audience, essentially suggesting that inspiring speeches are often just another performance.

Contemporary Art
Lecture by Rem Koolhaas: “Elements and Countryside”

Laundry Steps | 28 Oct 2018

Renowned architect Rem Koolhaas will share the making of his latest publication titled ”Elements of Architecture“ alongside his research on today’s non-urban development, exploring the transitions between the city and the countryside. This research project is a prelude to OMA's upcoming exhibition in 2019, to be held at the Guggenheim Museum entitled “Countryside: Future of the world”.

Contemporary Art
M+ Data Design Hackathon

A Hall Studio | 31 Aug - 1 Sep, 2018

During this two-day "M+ Data Design Hackathon", participants are invited to examine how content from the M+ Collections might meaningfully add to open-source knowledge bases and be activated through new research and creative projects. No coding is required to participate in this hackathon.

Contemporary Art
M+ Matters: Art and Design in the Digital Realm

JC Cube | 1 Sep 2018

"M+ Matters: Art and Design in the Digital Realm" features a full day of artist talks, exploring how data collection, artificial intelligence, simulations, social media, and creative programming are all being leveraged by contemporary practitioners working online.

Contemporary Art
Our Everyday—Our Borders: Sharing What I’m Learning

1/F, JC Contemporary | 16 Dec 2018

Music from three centuries ago in a modern world: Bach’s Cello Suites have a unique position in the contemporary history of civilisation. They were performed on numerous special occasions around the globe, mostly at significant events for humanity. Now here we shall listen to them again, in the setting inside a prison.

Contemporary Art

Prison Yard | 7 Dec 2018

“Pre-Booked” is a public reception and musical set to announce the programming for “Booked”, the new large-scale art book fair that will take place in early 2019 at Tai Kwun Contemporary.

Contemporary Art
The Spectacle of Space Consumption

2/F, Tai Kwun Contemporary, JC Contemporary | 8 Jun - 19 Aug, 2018

Artist duo Leung Chi Wo and Sara Chi-Hang Wong have installed a performance in the second floor of JC Contemporary art gallery where freshly baked cookies are baked in a 30 minute performance.

Performing Arts
Family Circus Showcases and Workshops

Prison Yard | 2 - 18 Jun, 2018

Come to Tai Kwun for family circus where local and overseas circus talents perform aerial silk dance, tightrope walking, cyr wheel, magical ball, percussion music and magic in the unique heritage site.

Performing Arts
Hong Kong Sinfonietta – UpClose Encounters: Chamber Music & Dialogue with Sir James MacMillan

JC Cube | 5 Sep 2018

Hailed as “the greatest living British composer” (The Telegraph), Sir James MacMillan will make his first visit to Hong Kong to conduct the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. For music-lovers, this will be an invaluable chance to have a close-up encounter at Tai Kwun with the composer. Pianist Colleen Lee, Hong Kong Sinfonietta Concertmaster James Cuddeford, and Principal Clarinet Johnny Fong will also perform chamber works by MacMillan.

Performing Arts
Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2018

JC Cube | 12 - 16 Sep, 2018

What is dance? Body language in all its variety can be seen extensively in the world of film—from action-movie choreography, to the rhythmic, everyday gestures of all from old to young, and even the sign language. Such verve can transform into creative elements that a choreographer adapts on stage.

Performing Arts
Make Music, Hong Kong!

Various Locations in Tai Kwun | 23 - 24 Jun, 2018

Alliance Française de Hong Kong and the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau are very proud to present the first edition of “Make Music, Hong Kong!”.  The two-day music festival is co-funded by European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao, and it will feature over 30 talented local and 7 European bands.

Performing Arts
MOViE MOViE ELDT on Screen: Art School Musical Making of Screening & Artist’s Talk

Laundry Steps | 1 Sep 2018

Acclaimed theatre director and local playwright Edward Lam will host a sharing session prior to the exclusive screening of the making of “ELDT on Screen: Art School Musical”!

Performing Arts
Tai Kwun x Every Life Is A Song: Time Will Tell, We Will Sing Sharing and Storytelling Session

Laundry Steps | 13 - 27 Oct, 2018

“Every Life is A Song”, a.k.a “ELIAS”, is a social enterprise launched by singer-songwriter Vicky Fung and lyricist Chow Yu Fai aimed at chronicling collective community histories through song-making. In its first collaboration with Tai Kwun, “ELIAS” recruited 36 youngsters to create—from scratch—10 songs about the lives of 10 seniors.

Heritage Vogue‧Hollywood Road 2018

Hollywood Road (Wyndham Street to Aberdeen Street), Tai Kwun, PMQ | 4 Nov 2018

An exhilarating street carnival featuring an exciting mix of innovative cultural and arts activities, ranging from street dances and music performances to guided tours, a night parade, exhibitions and many more!

Contemporary Art
‘M+ Screenings: Southeast Asia Moving Image Mixtape’ Free screening — Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock & Roll

Laundry Steps | 18 Sep 2018

M+ Screenings: Southeast Asia Moving Image Mixtape provides a composite, contemporary perspective on Southeast Asia moving image works in recent years. On 18 September, the programme comes to Tai Kwun with a free screening.

Contemporary Art
Gaylord Chan at Tai Kwun

Laundry Steps | 17 Sep - 8 Nov, 2018

A commissioned film about the new public art flags at Tai Kwun featuring interviews with their creator Gaylord Chan, his wife Josephine, artist Lee Kit and gallerist Johnson Chang.

Contemporary Art
New Architecture at Tai Kwun

Laundry Steps | 17 Sep - 8 Nov, 2018

A commissioned film about the new architecture at Tai Kwun featuring architecture firm Herzog & De Meuron, as well as chief architect partner in charge Ascan Mergenthaler.

Performing Arts
All About Mozart, with Acclaimed Fortepianist Professor Geoffrey Lancaster (AM)

JC Cube | 13 Nov 2018

Enjoy an evening of Mozart at his finest, as the world-renowned fortepianist Geoffrey Lancaster presents four of the composer’s most charming sonatas for the fortepiano, played on a keyboard from Mozart’s time.

Performing Arts
Atlas・Prelude by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Barrack Lane and area outside Barrack Block, Tai Kwun | 30 Jun 2018

Performing Arts
Ballet in the City: Hong Kong Ballet @ Tai Kwun

Site-wide | 17 - 18 Nov, 2018

Hong Kong Ballet launches its two-year Ballet in the City initiative by imbuing the entire Tai Kwun heritage site with two exciting afternoons of pop-up performances, site-specific activations and unbound creativity.

Performing Arts
Cine Fan Nov/Dec Programmes

JC Cube | 14 - 16 Dec, 2018

After “Beyond the Long Arm of the Law” and “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”, it finally comes to “Beyond the Wall.” Inside the compressed walls of a prison is the tightest of scenarios, as we, and our heroes, look inward and outward for escape.

Performing Arts
Cine Fan Sep/Oct Programmes

JC Cube | 8 Sep - 21 Oct, 2018

Following SummerIFF, Cine Fan will continue the Ingmar Bergman legacy, showcasing “Ingmar Bergman, Faith and Faithfulness II”. From austerity to thrillers, we have “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: In Search of the Truth” programme including 12 ANGRY MEN and ANATOMY OF A MURDER.

Performing Arts
HKIFF Cine Fan

JC Cube | 17 Jun - 15 Jul, 2018

Cine Fan is proud to present inaugural programmes tailored for Tai Kwun, featuring classic films centering around law and order as well as a centenary retrospective of Ingmar Bergman, the late Swedish master filmmaker.

Performing Arts
Hong Kong International Literary Festival

Site-wide | 2 - 11 Nov, 2018

Founded in 2001 and held over ten days every autumn, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival features established and emerging writers from around the world in an exciting programme that includes discussions, literary lunches and dinners, workshops, lectures, debates, book signings and readings.

Performing Arts
Inaugural Distinguished Writers Series 2018 — Tyehimba Jess in Conversation

JC Cube | 17 Nov 2018

Join the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry Tyehimba Jess in conversation about his award-winning collection Olio.

Performing Arts
PREMIERE PERFORMANCES: Ulysses Quartet @Tai Kwun

JC Cube | 9 Sep 2018

Formed in 2015, the Ulysses Quartet has already been collecting major prizes on the competition scene, including first prize at the 2018 Schoenfeld International Chamber Music Competition, the Grand Prize and the Gold Medal in the Senior String Division of the 2016 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, First Place in the American Prize, and 2nd Prize of the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition in 2017.

Performing Arts

JC Cube | 18 - 28 Aug, 2018

The Summer International Film Festival (SummerIFF), to be held from 18 to 28 August 2018. Highlights among the 36 films presented in this year’s SummerIFF include award-winning works in world’s top film festivals, hot picks from Japan and Korea, as well as a special programme dedicated to the legendary star Audrey Hepburn.

Performing Arts
The Art of Music

JC Cube | 1 Dec 2018

The First Initiative Foundation (FIF) will celebrate their charitable initiative

Performing Arts
Unlock Dancing Plaza Dance Performance

Prison Yard | 1 Jul 2018

The Unlock Dancing Plaza brings two energetic programmes : Body In time and #danceless 03—bolero . Body In time- The Unlock Dancing Plaza bringDance Vision and Grey and Green Ping Pong Project, which join hands to experience bodily rhythms and dance together. #danceless 03—bolero , by continuing to Set on the music of Ravel’s Bolero, it reveals the hint of reflection of blo VS old

Lifestyle Enjoyment
Re Visit - Sara Tse Solo Exhibition (Presented by Touch Ceramics)

Barrack Block 03-203 | 8 Jun - 8 Jul, 2018

'Re Visit’ - Sara Tse Solo Exhibition Artist Sara Tse uses porcelain as her medium of expression. In this new journey she explores the city where she resides in a form of cartography, inking and mapping on porcelain the forever changing spatial characteristics and habitable traces within the boundaries of the island shore-lines.

Lifestyle Enjoyment
Lottusse Made to Order Event

Shop 03-202 | 19 - 20 Sep, 2018

Designed by you, crafted by us. Meet our craftsman, Jose Manuel, from Mallorca, Spain as he demonstrates how shoes are painted in Lottusse’s factory!

“Love‧Continued” Kick-Off Ceremony

Parade Ground | 21 Oct 2018

Isamu Noguchi: Citizen, Spaceship Earth

JC Cube | 17 Nov 2018

JUXTAPOSED 2018 – Visuals of Fashion Exhibition

F Hall Studio | 7 - 9 Dec, 2018

Kader Attia: Reflecting Memory Film Screening & Panel Discussion

JC Cube | 29 Nov 2018

Step Out for Children Treasure Hunt and Carnival

Parade Ground | 30 Sep 2018

Tango Apasionado 3: Musica de los Maestros

JC Cube | 25 Nov 2018

The Rebirth of the Central Police Station Compound – A Journey of Community Service and Revitalisation

F Hall Studio, Block 17 | 29 May - 28 Jun, 2018

This exhibition charts the transformation of the historic Central Police Station compound, aka Tai Kwun, into a dynamic home of heritage, arts and leisure. We wish you a delightful Tai Kwun experience as an exciting new chapter opens in the story of this remarkable Hong Kong landmark.

What to let go? | Para Site International Conference

JC Cube | 22 - 24 Nov, 2018