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Yuen’s Tailor - we are a local branded tailoring shop that provides bespoke tailoring services. While our mainstays have been formal and business wears for males, We also pride ourselves for being one, if not the only, true kilt maker in Hong Kong. 

Yuen’s Tailor was originally established in 1974, next to the Shek Kong Barracks in the New Territories. That’s how we started our long history of work with the British armed force servicemen stationed in Hong Kong. Starting from simple alterations, we became acquainted with British military uniform - the fabric, construction, and its military tailoring that is so rich in tradition. In addition, for these British servicemen whose culture values dressing up, we also provided an extensive range of tailor-made products i.e. suits, jackets, waistcoat, shirts, trousers, morning and evening dress, etc. 

In 1977, we were appointed by British Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide tailoring services within the Stanley Fort Barracks to the British garrison forces. Through the years of tailoring at Stanley Font, we serviced multiple regiments, each with their distinct style of uniforms and ceremonial clothing (e.g. Black Watch with their iconic black-blue-green tartan kilt, and Coldstream Guards with their red tunic).

Occasionally, there were events or ceremonies in which commanders of the English, Scottish and Gurkha regiments were expected to dress up in specific ceremonial clothing. The British MoD would send over military master tailors to Hong Kong to tailor made these clothing for these commanders. Many of these master tailors would graciously share with us their Highland kilt making and military tailoring skills. Through them, we were also able to establish partnership with authentic tartan fabric mills and kilt accessories craftsmen in Scotland. Thus we had learnt to provide complete and authentic bespoke tailoring for an array of formal wears, kilt and military uniforms.

Due to the imminent Handover of Hong Kong and the withdrawal of British forces in 1997, in 1994 our tailor shop relocated to yet another historical landmark, the Escalator Alley within Central Market. In Central Market, we continued to provide tailoring service, not only to the general public,  military uniform hobbists, and Scottish Highlanders, but also to the many visiting foreigners who are looking for quality, handmade bespoke tailoring that is rooted in tradition. 

Now, here at Tai Kwun, we want to share with you our crafts, our story and our experience as a local Hong Kong brand.