Van Gogh SENSES Gifts
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Van Gogh SENSES strives to bring appreciation of art into everyday life for all senses to experience. This is embodied in all Van Gogh SENSES stores inclusive of the latest venture, Van Gogh SENSES Gifts.

Van Gogh SENSES Gifts is more than just a place to shop. It is where our customers will be able to experience the art of ‘gifting’ and select the perfect surprise for their loved ones as they browse through our variety of products, from Confectionery to Delicacies, Teas and Coffees, Cakes to Museum Collection, each created by artists who have been inspired by the creativity of Van Gogh, embodied in his many masterpieces.

In addition, Van Gogh's coffees, teas as well as many other delicacies are available at our premises.

Come, Experience and Be Inspired.