'Endless Summer'
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September is here, and the sweet, thick air reminds us that summer is yet to be over. Wander around Tai Kwun’s historical buildings, and you’ll realise there is still much to be discovered.

Hottest Dining

Let’s start with the “hot” dishes prepared by our many hot restaurants. Michelin one-star Thai restaurant Aaharn is celebrating the season with a brand new lunch menu. The Chinese Library has also launched several summer specials for your enjoyment in a lovely alfresco setting in front of the Parade Ground. Madamn Fù, famed for its gorgeous private rooms located on the top floor of the Barrack Block, is also pushing out an incredibly holiday-friendly free flow drinks and brunch set.

2 or 3-course Lunch Menu

The Aaharn lunch menu highlights the highest-quality seasonal ingredients from Thailand. A carefully curated menu featuring refreshing herbs, salads and cooling desserts with shaved ice is sure to cool you down this summer.

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The Chinese Library
Summer Specials

  • Kumquat and wood ear mushrooms with chilli & lime
  • Black & white chicken with Sichuan pepper & spring onion oil

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Madame Fù
Free Flow Drinks and Brunch

Cool yourself this summer with free flow drinks and brunch at Madame Fu. 

During the day, expect free-flow dim sum, the famous Peking Duck and a great selection for all the vegetarians. Whilst at night you will find the new BBQ platter along with a selection of Madame Fù favourites.

Both Madame Fu Brunch menus have a large variety of refreshing summer drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, sure to keep you cool this summer.

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Cooling Drinks

In the heat of the summer, we definitely can’t live without a nice drink . From Phoenix Sweets's fruit flower tea, to the craft beer at LockCha Tea House and Armoury, cooling down in style is the order of the day. Whether you are sitting inside, or chilling in our alfresco seating areas, let’s savour the cooler part of this hot summer and enjoy the best of our seasonal offers.

Phoenix Sweets
Bottled Cold Brew Fruit and Floral Tea

Refreshing drinks with Taiwanese dried fruits and French floral tea.

There are four choices of flavour on offer: Pineapple Kimono, Apple Rose, Orange Kimono and Mixed Fruits (Caffeine Free)

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Armoury Beer

Who's up for an ice-cold beer? Armoury X Young Master Pilsner is brewed with traditional malts for a clean and crisp base and new world hops for an added flavour punch. Only available at Armoury bar.

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LockCha Tea House
LockCha Beer

For 30 years, LockCha has been committed to promoting tea and teahouse culture. Purchasing teas directly from farmers, LockCha brings you the best sensory enjoyment of tea. Its latest creation, the "LockCha Beer", takes premium tea leaves in a unique multiple steeping process to produce a beer that combines the aroma, taste and aftertaste of the tea seamlessly. Enjoy!

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Midsummer Shopping

What’s more, you can bring summer home here at Tai Kwun. Stroll around our shops and you’ll find footprints of summer all over. From No Brand No Name ’s collection of sunglasses and fashion items, TASCHEN ’s new-in super-size art book “David Hockney. A Bigger Book” that showcases the artist’s famous pool portrait, to the cooling aromatherapy kits from a parallel store, there’s no better place to find treats for home this season.  

No Brand No Name
Fashion Sunglasses & Tote Bag

  • Acetate frame sunglasses with UV400 protection
  • Leather shopping tote bag

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David Hockney. A Bigger Book

One of today’s most influential living artists, British sensation David Hockney is a major contributor to the development of popular art in the 60s and best known for his vivid colour palette and swimming pool series.

A Bigger Book is a majestic visual survey of David Hockney’s career and takes stock of more than 60 years of work, from his teenage days at art school up to his recent extensive series of portraits, iPad drawings, and Yorkshire landscapes in recent years published by renowned art publisher TASCHEN.

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a parallel store
Apotheke Fragrance Travel Tin Candles & Incense Sticks

“Apotheke Fragrance” – the scents of life

Bring home the taste of refreshing summer! APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE is a fragrance brand in which all processes from product mixing, production, and packaging are handmade in Chiba, Japan. There are different scents for travel tin candles & incense sticks. Enjoy this summer with our fragrances—let them express your mood!

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Summer Workshops

Or join us here for fun, relaxing and artsy things to do. Try the planting workshop by bonart to learn stylish ways to green up your home, or the Water Baby workshop by Yuen’s Tailor – a fun ice-cream-light making session designed for kids — you won’t regret taking the time.

Terrarium Workshop

bonart provides an exclusive terrarium workshop experience for you to enjoy a combination of art and nature in a 2-hour session. You will learn how to build a mini eco-system, gain practical gardening skills and caring tips during this workshop.

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Yuen’s Tailor
Water Baby Workshop

The water baby workshop welcomes adults, children and family to create your own summer ice-cream light decorative item with different colours of water babies.

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As we approach the tail-end of summer, let’s give yourself a special treat for all your hard work. Head over to Tai Kwun, enjoy our unique space and allow yourself a moment to enjoy a different experience.