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Loom Loop was founded by Polly and Andy, one is a dreamer the other is a perfectionist, it was a chance encounter with a 300 year old heritage fabric, a low rent studio space in Central and with a little luck Loom Loop was born in 2014 in PMQ, Soho HK.  

When the designers saw the heritage fabric called the Canton silk, they were bowled over by the artisan techniques employed to dye the silk, it uses a plant based dye, river mud and solar power.   It is eco friendly though the process is painstaking it transforms the delicate and fragile silk into something with more substance that can withstand the test of time.  The unusual texture and its unique appearance are the result of the organic process and chemistry from all the elements from nature.They saw the potential of this forgotten fabric, they were driven to design high quality clothes that reflects its true value. The brand DNA has strong emphases on sustainable fashion and conservation of traditional craftsmanship.

For each collection their core concept is retelling stories of the past in the present.  The past treasures are conserved and continued into the future with their contemporary design and commitment in preservation of our heritage.