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Collaborative Publishing Sharing by flip&roll press and Chan Kit (Cantonese)

27 Feb 2021
4–5 pm

Collaborative Publishing Sharing by flip&roll press and Chan Kit (Cantonese)

Collaborative Publishing Sharing by flip & roll press and Chan Kit

In this current travel ban, flip & roll press and photographer Chan Kit will go through their outtakes from the filming of their travel photobook “knowhere”, select 12 shots, restructure its coloration with risograph printing, and bind them into a paper booklet. At the talk, Chan Kit and the flip & roll press will introduce the features and the process of risograph printing, as well as the delicate interactions between image, paper and printing.

About flip & roll press

flip & roll press is an independent press and studio founded by three graphic designers in 2017, who offer risograph and other printing services. The studio is dedicated in producing works that break the norms in publishing through small-batch productions. In recent years, they have exhibited their work at various bookfairs, such as the abC bookfair at Shanghai, Taipei Art Bookfair, Hong Kong Print & Zine Fest and Booked: Hong Kong Art Book Fair. They have also been invited to share their alternative creative process in numerous community discussions. In 2018, they curated the exhibitions Let’s RUN and PAGES OF LIFE in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2020, their publication Let's Run was awarded with distinction in the 2020 Taipei International Design Award and was exhibited in the 20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

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