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Opening Performance: YETI OUT presents FYZICAL INC.

16 Jan 2020
6:30 - 7:30pm

Opening Performance: YETI OUT presents FYZICAL INC.

FYZICAL INC. is a compilation of videos and visuals that explore the various impulse reactions to art and audio. FYZICAL INC. transmits knee-jerk reactions to obscure dance moves, a look at body language as a communication vessel in the confines of nightlife and subculture through a series of visual treatments.

Based between Hong Kong, Shanghai and London, Yeti Out bridges east and west with its series of pop-up raves, art shows and artist bookings. Its record label Silk Road Sounds plays a pivotal role in highlighting the experimental rhythms from various parts of Asia, and its parties are a reflection of youth movements that shape creative culture in cities that never sleep.