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Nudie Calendar and Tout Nu: Anna Gleeson

18 Jan 2020
2 - 3pm

Nudie Calendar and <i>Tout Nu</i>: Anna Gleeson

Anna Gleeson started publishing a Nudie Calendar with her graphic designer friend, Sarah Cashman, in 2017. They wanted to do something fun together and came up with this. It’s a meeting of our sensibilities: something a little bit naughty, a little bit ridiculous and made with the intention to give people more space around their body and body-image. It's a playful take on what has often been a heavy topic. ODD ONE OUT have collected their favourite “nudies” from 3 years of calendars together with some new images all printed here in a lush, silk-screened edition, limited to 50 edition.

Anna Gleeson is an Australian artist based in Hong Kong. For her, the act of looking is so pleasurable and so complex. Having these heads full of wave receptors (two eyes and two ears) attached to a story-telling-machine (brain) which skews our perception of the world from what it really is. This series examines this dichotomy and how we process it.

ODD ONE OUT is the first gallery in Hong Kong dedicated to illustration, graphic arts and printmaking. Opening in 2012, we have been exhibiting screenprints, etchings and fine art prints. Working as a bridge to develop the appreciation of printmaking and encourage artists to explore other possibilities, starting in 2015, ODD ONE OUT started editioning and publishing limited edition art prints and artist books by artists who have not traditionally worked in print mediums.

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