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A Call from the Prehistoric Time: A book launch and talk with Grace Tang Ying Mui, Blues Wong, Dr. Lai Mei Lin, and Eddie Cheung Wai Sum

18 Jan 2020
6:15 - 7:45pm

<i>A Call from the Prehistoric Time</i>: A book launch and talk with Grace Tang Ying Mui, Blues Wong, Dr. Lai Mei Lin, and Eddie Cheung Wai Sum

Grace Tang Ying Mui has been engaged in the creation of art for more than ten years, and she has tremendous fun and satisfaction. A Call from the Prehistoric Time is Tang’s first publiciation. The sense of fun and satisfaction does not come from the exhibition of the work, or whether the work is appreciated by anyone, or is sold or not. It is purely because of the creation of some works that Tang finds unique and that can be created within the scope of her ability. The recurrent theme of Tang's creations is the four basic needs of human: clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. Later on, my work also concerns the sustained development of the Earth. Artist Grace Tang Ying Mui will share her experience during the book launch, the speakers, including Blues Wong, Dr. Lai Mei Lin, and Eddie Cheung Wai Sum, shared their findings and insights.

Grace Tang Ying Mui was born in Hong Kong. She graduated from Goldsmiths College and University of Westminster. After living in the UK for over a decade, she returned to Hong Kong in year 2000. She began to engage full time in artistic creation since 2006. Her works is concerned about the four basic elements of survival: Clothes, Food, Shelter and Mobility, looking from the perspectives of city and pre-historic times and bringing out different issues exit in Hong Kong: housing problem, long working hours, etc. Tang received an award from Hong Kong ADC for Arts Education for the educational part she played in the Art Container Project in 2009.she was also invited by Adidas to be an art ambassador. Selected exhibitions including the 4th Hong Kong International Photography Festival exhibition, Recent Works by Tang Ying Chi and Tang Ying Mui and Factory Forward: JCCAC Arts@MTR. She has shown in Hong Kong, South Korea, the Mainland, Macau and Australia.

Blues Wong is a photography critic and independent curator. His writing was selected for Daido Moriyama’s Reflection and Refraction exhibition catalogue. He is a contributor for Hong Kong section of Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren’s The Chinese Photobook: From the 1900s to the Present (Aperture, 2015). Wong is the museum expert advisor (Hong Kong photography) for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Dr. Lai Mei Lin received her BA and MPhil in art history from The University of Hong Kong, and her PhD from The University of Sydney. She has taught Western art at the Hong Kong Art School of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong art as well as modern and contemporary Chinese art in the Department of Fine Arts of The University of Hong Kong and the Department of Visual Studies of The Lingnan University. Since 2012, Dr. Lai has been teaching Traditions in Western Art in Department of Fine Arts, CUHK. Her research focuses mainly on Hong Kong art as well as twentieth-century modern Chinese art.

Eddie Cheung Wai Sum obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Chinese from Lingnan University in 2006 and Master of Cultural Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009. He concerns himself with the relationship between contemporary art exhibition and artwork, as well as the problems arising from it. His works allow for a broader scope of interpretation in the discussion of exhibition. Arts criticism is currently the focus of the professional practice of Cheung, who is also an artist and curator, member of the Hong Kong chapter of the International Art Critics Association, exhibition curated by Cheung include Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry (Tai Kwun Contemporary, 2018). He received The Award for Young Artist (Arts Criticism) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2016 from Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2017.

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