Tai Kwun

Heritage at Tai Kwun

Tai Kwun will immerse visitors in the rich heritage of the historic Central Police Station compound. More than 170 years of history will unfold through interactive tours, heritage interpretation showcases that engage through storytelling, diverse education programmes and thematic heritage exhibitions.


Our site-wide heritage interpretation tour will allow visitors to learn more about the heritage site – covering the story of every building.

The tour will begin the moment a visitor steps through the entrance to the site – perhaps with a role-playing experience about the life of a police officer, a solemn look at life in prison or any number of authentic re-enactments.

As a visitor journeys through old corridors and secluded passageways, they will be taken deeper into the heritage experience. Designated interpretive exhibition spaces will increase understanding about the site through multimedia displays. With multiple journeys across this complex of 18 buildings, every experience will hold-wondrous new discoveries.

For those wanting a quicker experience, we will offer a daily free heritage tours led by one of our knowledgeable guides will be available for a fascinating glimpse of the site’s heritage.


Children, teens, the elderly, families, teachers and heritage professionals will discover the architecture, history and anecdotes of our site through a variety of tailored education programmes.


Our thematic heritage exhibitions across the site will help the visitor explore the site’s history and its relationship with the evolution of Hong Kong.